''TUNALI'' wheelbarrows ,  one of the first wheelbarrow factories in Turkey , was found in 1970s and called with the trademark of ''TUNALI'' with the constitution of Mardemir Ltd. Şti. The factory found in Aksaray soon passed from workshop production to professional serial production and proceeded in the field of 10.000 squaremeters(4.000 squaremeters of the field are closed) in Aksaray organised industria area.Once the daily production capacity of the factory was 1.000 numbers , it increased 2.000 numbers day/number with 2010 year by following the new robots and technologic trades.With  annual capacity of 40.000 tons metal working it improved new models by continuously seeking/improving studies.Today , it has export with 32 countries and this makes our factory as locomotive role in terms of Aksaray and Turkey trade.  In addition to its export to 32 countries with its professional production and foreign trade personel , it has been seeking new target countries and markets with the means of dua meetings. By fixing  quality and the most suitable global price it has always been playing an important role and still it continues. We can transport our exports to anywhere in the world by means of highway,seaway and railway.We have products of different models and sizes with the capacity of 75 lt. and 100 lt. We are proceeding with the confident steps through new successes in our factory which is still in Aksaray.